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ARO Espresso

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ARO Espresso™ The Original Water Tank Quick-Access Funnel | Offset Funnel for Effortless Espresso Machine Water Tank Access Under Cabinets

ARO Espresso™ The Original Water Tank Quick-Access Funnel | Offset Funnel for Effortless Espresso Machine Water Tank Access Under Cabinets

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Product Description

Never drag your machine out from under the cabinets again. Introducing The Original Water Tank Quick-Access Funnel by ARO Espresso. Crafted from premium food-grade silicone, this offset funnel is the espresso accessory you've been searching for. No more removing the water tank, no heavy lifting, and no spills!

Make your mornings easier! Order now and enjoy effortless, spill-free refills every time!

Key Features

  • Premium Food-Grade Silicone: Crafted from high-quality, food-grade silicone, this funnel is durable, dust-resistant, and quick-drying. Its soft rubber feet won't scratch your machine, and its matte finish and modern design with clean lines complement any espresso set-up.
  • Effortless Refills: The wide opening and sculpted contours guide water directly into the tank at high flow rates, ensuring swift and spill-free refills. No more dragging your espresso machine out from under the cabinets!
  • Compact & Convenient: With its sleek, offset design, the funnel folds up for easy storage when not in use. It's also easily washable, maintaining the quality you expect from ARO Espresso.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit nearly all espresso machines with a water tank in the back. Check the dimensions in the pictures to ensure compatibility with your machine.


To use the funnel, simply open the water tank lid, place the funnel on top of your espresso machine directed into the tank, and pour with ease. To store, simply fold in half.


Works with nearly any espresso machine with a water tank in the back. See dimensions in the pictures for a perfect fit. This funnel works especially well with Breville / Sage, ECM, Profitec, Bezzera, Rocket, Lelit, LUCCA, Ascaso, Nespresso, and more!

Hand wash only with warm soapy water.

Quick backstory: My entrepreneurial journey began with a simple problem– limited counter space and low cabinets in our small apartment made filling our Breville Barista Express water tank a hassle. Inspired by necessity, armed with a newly acquired 3D printer, and possessed by the desire to solve any and all inconveniences in my life, I designed the first iteration of what would become my first product – The Original Espresso Machine Water Tank Quick-Access Funnel.

Initially hesitant, I was convinced by friends and family to list the product on Etsy. Two days later, I was astonished that I had made my first ever sale! This unexpected catalyst propelled me into starting my own business, balancing it with a full-time engineering job for three years, and eventually going all-in by quitting that job and hiring a full-time employee.

This product, upgraded to its final form in premium quality, flexible, food-grade silicone, holds immense sentimental value for me. It represents the realization of a dream - designing products that make life easier and sharing them with the world. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported ARO Espresso over the years!

Nate, Founder– ARO Espresso

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