About Us

Engineering the Art of Espresso

At ARO Espresso, our tagline isn’t just a clever phrase—it encapsulates our entire approach to the espresso-making experience. "Engineering the Art of Espresso" fuses the exacting nature of engineering with the artistic finesse required to make the perfect cup of espresso. Every product we offer reflects this harmony, serving as an instrument to elevate the art of making espresso. Our ethos appeals to everyone from the professional barista to the discerning home enthusiast, marrying precision with artistry to enhance your coffee experience.


The Founder's Journey

I'm Nate, the founder of ARO Espresso. With both bachelor's and master's degrees in aerospace engineering, I've been deeply involved in the engineering field since 2012. My extensive experience includes a tenure at a leading aerospace company, where I took on roles that spanned from designing aircraft high-lift mechanisms to creating cutting-edge tools for aircraft assembly. I even had the privilege of shadowing the company's Chief Engineer. Boasting a portfolio of 8 patents—and counting—I've built a career around transforming complex challenges into elegantly simple solutions


The Intersection of Passion and Expertise

While I’ve always had the itch to solve intricate challenges, my love for coffee led me down a path I hadn’t expected. After acquiring my first espresso machine, I became engrossed in perfecting the art of espresso making. I quickly realized that existing tools and accessories had numerous limitations. That's when my engineering mindset kicked in, and I unknowingly designed my first "product". Encouraged by friends and family, I took the plunge: I snapped some photos, created an Etsy account, and listed the item. I set it aside mentally, and to my astonishment, received a notification just days later that my listing had sold! This seemingly small event proved to be a pivotal moment—one that not only altered the trajectory of my career but also transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. That initial sale was a humble beginning to what has grown into a flourishing venture. We've come a long way since, and I see a bright future ahead.


Our Commitment

Quality, function, and style—these are the pillars upon which everything we do is built. Our commitment goes beyond mere words; it's evident in the meticulous design and manufacturing processes we employ. Utilizing a suite of state-of-the-art technologies—from additive manufacturing and CNC milling to laser cutting and more—we're able to rapidly bring our innovative ideas off the drawing board and into reality. These technologies enable us to offer you products that not only enhance your espresso-making experience but also stand the test of time. We are committed to ensuring that what ends up in your home is nothing short of exceptional.


A Growing Legacy

Since its inception in early 2021, ARO Espresso has grown in ways that have surpassed even my most optimistic expectations. I owe a profound debt of gratitude to our community of dedicated customers, whose unwavering support and invaluable feedback have fueled our constant innovation. The year 2023 has been particularly transformative. Emboldened by your support, I took a leap setting aside my engineering career to commit fully to realizing my vision of what ARO Espresso can be. Also, we've expanded our horizons even further by welcoming our first team member, Sean! This is merely the beginning of an exciting journey that promises to bring beautifully engineered solutions to the elegant art of espresso making.