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ARO Espresso

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ARO Espresso™ Magnetic Dial Pointer for Timemore Sculptor 078/078s | Indicator for Improved Grind Setting Accuracy

ARO Espresso™ Magnetic Dial Pointer for Timemore Sculptor 078/078s | Indicator for Improved Grind Setting Accuracy

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Product Description

Introducing the ARO Espresso™ Magnetic Dial Pointer for Timemore Sculptor 078/078s, the ultimate accessory to enhance the performance and readability of your Timemore Sculptor's grind setting.

Gone are the days of crouching over your countertop and squinting at the tiny, hard-to-read paint line on the side of of the grinder's housing. Take out the guesswork with our magnetic dial pointer and gain precise control over your grind setting your eyes (and taste buds) with thank you!

Key Features

  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets: Two embedded neodymium rare-earth magnets provide an incredibly strong hold, ensuring that the pointer stays securely attached to your grinder, even through bumps, vibrations, or shakes.
  • Slim, White-Tipped Pointer: The slender, white tip of the pointer sits nearly flush with the dial, allowing for easy readability from all angles. Effortlessly switch between grind sizes for different brew methods and return to your preferred setting without needing to redial your grind.
  • Precision Placement: Features akey/guide rail that slips perfectly into the grinder's side indentation, ensuring precise placement every time you attach the pointer. Additionally, a strategically placed tab positions the pointer at the ideal distance from the dial for maximum accuracy.
  • Stylish Design: Boasting a minimalistic design and elegant matte black finish, this pointer seamlessly integrates with your grinder's aesthetic. Its sleek design is so well-integrated, you'll soon forget it wasn't part of the original machine.
  • Protective Storage Case: Keep your pointer in pristine condition with the included hard, protective case. This case ensures that the precision tip remains safe and undamaged during shipping, storage, relocation, or travel.


Designed specifically for the Timemore Sculptor 078s and 078 grinders only, this magnetic dial pointer is an essential tool for any barista seeking enhanced grind setting accuracy.


Effortlessly attach the pointer to your grinder with its magnetic design. Simply align the key/guide rail with the grinder's indentation and let the magnets secure it in place. It will practically jump out of your fingers! Enjoy immediate improvements in grind setting visibility and accuracy.

What's in the Box?

  • ARO Espresso™ Magnetic Dial Pointer
  • Protective Storage Case

Upgrade your grinding experience with the ARO Espresso™ Magnetic Dial Pointer for Timemore Sculptor 078/078s. Order now and take the first step towards achieving unparalleled precision and consistency in your espresso brewing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andy R
ARO Dial Pointer Timemore 078s - Perfect!!!

Beautifullly made pointer in its own case. Absolutely fantastic and does the intended job with perfect accuracy. Personally speaking this is the best pointer available due to the sharp tip which makes minute grind size adjustments simple. Timemore themselves should be ordering these to ship with the grinder as an OEM item.

Paolo Kriz
Fabulous addon-the Timemore Sculptor dial pointer

I really love this little guy! It LOOKS like it is a factory part...and it should have been!
It makes grind adjustments really obvious and precise, taking the parallax guesswork out of the process of making accurate and repeatable settings.
The magnetic attachment is very strong and the quality and aesthetics of the pointer are very pleasing.
Oh.....and I really appreciate the sturdy protective case that it arrived in.
I can't wait for Aro Espresso to get their Timemore anti-popcorning hopper to market.