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ARO Espresso

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ARO PortaFunnel™ | Magnetic Dosing Funnel for Espresso | Black Anodized Aluminum and Polished Stainless Steel

ARO PortaFunnel™ | Magnetic Dosing Funnel for Espresso | Black Anodized Aluminum and Polished Stainless Steel

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Product Description

Introducing the ARO PortaFunnel, our take on the espresso dosing funnel. Marrying the timeless elegance of anodized aluminum with the lustrous sheen of polished stainless steel, the ARO PortaFunnel is as visually striking as it is functionally superior.

Renowned for its unmatched magnetic strength, it sets a new standard, breathing life back into those portafilter baskets that were previously thought too weak to be used with a magnetic dosing funnel. What about baskets that are too strong and make removing the dosing funnel too difficult? Fear not – the number of magnets can be adjusted to your exact specifications*, offering a customizable espresso-dosing experience.

This unique tool is a testament to superior design and functionality. Utilizing the highest quality materials and most advanced manufacturing processes, the ARO PortaFunnel is the last dosing funnel you’ll ever need.

*Requires the magnetic strength adjustment kit.

Key Features

  • Striking Aesthetics: Matte black anodized aluminum paired with polished stainless steel harmonize to create a refined and unique appearance.
  • Unmatched Magnetic Strength: With 14 neodymium rare-earth magnets in the 58mm version and 12 in the 54mm, it's one of the strongest magnetic dosing funnels available. In fact the 58mm version is capable of lifting a 730+ gram ECM portafilter!
  • Adjustable Magnetic Strength*: Customize the magnetic strength of the funnel to your liking. Using the magnetic strength adjustment kit, adjust the number of magnets to fit your unique portafilter and basket combination.
  • Broad Compatibility: Fits almost any 58mm or 54mm portafilter and works with baskets of all magnetic strengths. Please check the dimensions in the Compatibility details below.

*Requires the magnetic strength adjustment kit.

Adjusting the Number of Magnets

Please watch the video below before attempting to adjust the magnetic strength of your ARO PortaFunnel.


Tailoring the ARO PortaFunnel to your personal preference is simple with the magnetic strength adjustment kit. The kit, required for safe magnet adjustment, comes with custom tools and spare magnets to allow the modification of the magnetic strength while maintaining safety and preventing damage to the PortaFunnel.

The kit can be included in your order as an add-on before adding the items to your cart. However, purchasing the kit is not required as the PortaFunnel will ship with all magnets installed for full strength – this configuration is most favored.  

For those who decide later to tweak the magnet count, the kit is also sold separately and can be found here.

The magnetic strength adjustment kit includes:

  • Sleeve removal tool
  • Magnet orientation and insertion tool
  • 4x spare magnets
  • QR code linking to an instructional video that guides you through the adjustment process safely and efficiently. Do not attempt to remove the stainless steel sleeve without first watching this video!


The ARO PortaFunnel was designed for a snug fit on nearly all 58mm or 54mm portafilters. It’s recommended to be used on portafilter baskets that attract magnets. Although this funnel was designed to work on even the weakest baskets, there are some baskets that do not attract magnets at all. Please check to make sure your basket has at least a small amount of magnetic pull.

It's also possible that the magnetic strength is too strong where it becomes difficult to remove the PortaFunnel from the portafilter, and/or it wants to pull the basket out of the portafilter. In this case, it’s recommended to reduce the number of magnets using the magnetic strength adjustment kit (must be purchased as an add-on, or sold separately).

Please be advised that the 54mm version is not hands-free compatible with the Breville/Sage Barista Express, Pro, and Touch built-in grinder cradles or the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro cradles. Ideally, it is used with a portafilter stand, separate grinder, or by manually holding the portafilter under the grinder chute.

If you have questions about compatibility, please message us!

 Description Height Inner Diameter  Outer Diameter
58mm, Tall 28mm 61.5mm 75mm
58mm, Short 18mm 61.5mm 75mm
54mm, Tall 28mm 54mm 68mm
54mm, Short 18mm 54mm 68mm

Cleaning Instructions

For daily maintenance, simply brush off any loose grounds and/or wipe clean with a cloth. When it's time for a more thorough cleaning, hand wash with warm water and soap, rinse well, and dry immediately. The ARO PortaFunnel is not dishwasher safe.

What's in the Box?

  • ARO PortaFunnel
    • Anodized aluminum funnel
    • Polished stainless steel sleeve
    • 14 neodymium magnets (58mm version), or
    • 12 neodymium magnets (54mm version)
  • Magnetic strength adjustment kit [Optional, add-on or purchase separately]
    • Sleeve removal tool
    • Magnet orientation and insertion tool
    • 4x spare magnets
    • Instructional video QR code


Warnings and Safety Information

  • Safety Precautions: Never attempt to remove the steel ring without the disassembly kit on hand. Doing so will render the item unusable and may cause damage. In addition, the instructional video must be watched in its entirety before attempting to adjust the number of magnets.
  • Magnet Handling: Care is required when handling high-strength rare-earth magnets. These magnets can jump together with high force pinching the skin. They are brittle and can easily shatter and break if allowed to slam together. Eye protection is recommended when handling magnets!

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