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ARO Espresso

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ARO Core™ Aluminum Espresso Extraction Chiller

ARO Core™ Aluminum Espresso Extraction Chiller

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Product Description

Introducing the ARO Core™, a revolutionary espresso extract chiller crafted from solid aluminum and designed to unlock a richer, more aromatic espresso. Unlike traditional stainless steel designs, the ARO Core™ utilizes aluminum's superior thermal properties to rapidly cool the initial part of your espresso shot, preserving the delicate volatile compounds that define your coffee's aroma and flavor. As the shot progresses, aluminum's efficient heat transfer ensures the latter half of your espresso warms back up, maintaining the perfect serving temperature and delivering a balanced, aromatic cup every time.

Key Features

  • Superior Thermal Properties: Aluminum absorbs heat more than 12x faster than stainless steel, rapidly cooling the initial phase of your shot and preventing the evaporation of the delicate and delicious volatile compounds in your espresso. Its lower thermal capacity ensures a quick and efficient transfer of heat so the latter half of the shot remains hot, maintaining an ideal serving temperature without needing to remove the chiller while extracting your espresso. 
  • Optimized Geometry: Designed with 10% more surface area than a traditional sphere and with dual pointed ends for attached laminar flow from top to bottom for efficient heat transfer.
  • Convenient to Use: Features a separate support plate that securely holds the chiller on virtually any cup, plus an integrated outer ring for easy handling while minimizing heat transfer between your hands and the chiller.
  • Compact Storage Stand: Includes a custom stand for compact freezer storage and easy transfer to your espresso station. The stand also acts as an insulator keeping the ARO Core™ chilled while you prep your shot.
  • Novel and Distinctive: Crafted for the espresso enthusiast looking to take their espresso bar to the next level. Stand out with this unique tool specifically designed to maximize the richness and aroma of your espresso. 

Technical Insights

Numerous studies have demonstrated that cooling the initial phase of espresso extraction preserves higher amounts of volatile aromatic compounds, which are typically lost to the air. This process results in a smoother, sweeter, and more balanced espresso. The ARO Core™ is crafted from aluminum, specifically chosen to maximize this phenomenon.

There are two critical thermal characteristics to consider: thermal conductivity and heat capacity. Thermal conductivity measures a material's ability to transfer heat, while heat capacity indicates the amount of heat required to change a material's temperature. Simply put, materials with higher thermal conductivity transfer heat faster (or cool your espresso faster), and those with lower heat capacity absorb less heat overall (or keep your overall espresso shot at an ideal drinking temperature). 

Most extraction chillers on the market are made from stainless steel balls, or worse, hollow stainless steel balls filled with water or gel. In contrast, the ARO Core™ is made from solid aluminum, leveraging its superior thermal properties for optimal extraction chilling.

Aluminum's thermal conductivity is approximately 12.8 times higher than stainless steel. This significant difference allows aluminum to dissipate heat much faster, ensuring rapid cooling of the initial phase of the espresso shot and preserving those volatile aroma compounds.

Moreover, aluminum’s specific heat capacity is lower than that of stainless steel. This lower specific heat capacity means that the ARO Core™ requires less energy to change its temperature, preventing the overall espresso shot from cooling down too much. As the espresso flows over the chiller, the aluminum rapidly absorbs the heat from the initial phase of the shot. The temperature of the chiller then equalizes with the espresso, ensuring that the latter half of the shot warms back up. This helps maintain the ideal serving temperature and balance of flavors.

With the aluminum material, we found there is no need to remove the ARO Core™ during the extraction process while pulling a double shot with a 1:2 ratio. However, experimentation is always encouraged, and we suggest exploring different exposure times to the chiller to find your preferred taste profile!

Set-Up and Use

To use the ARO Core™, start by inserting the chillers into the stand and placing it in the freezer. Allow the chillers to freeze for at least 1 hour to ensure optimal cooling performance. When you're ready to pull your shot, retrieve the chilled ARO Core™ from the freezer. Place the aluminum cup support plate on top of your espresso cup and insert a chiller into the center of the support plate. Position the setup under your portafilter, and begin your espresso extraction as usual. The chiller will rapidly cool the initial phase of the shot, preserving the volatile aromatic compounds and enhancing the flavor of your espresso. 

What's in the Box?

  • Extract Chillers: Available in single or two-pack options.
  • Cup Support Plate: Compatible with various cup diameters.
  • Stand: For convenient freezer storage and transfer.

Care and Maintenance

After each use, rinse the ARO Core™ chiller under warm running water to remove any coffee residue. For a more thorough cleaning, periodically hand wash all components and with mild dish soap and warm water. Make sure all components are thoroughly dried before placing them back in the freezer to prevent ice build-up. Not dishwasher safe!

Other Useful Info

The single-pack stand measures 65mm long, 65mm wide, and 56mm tall when holding a chiller

The double-pack stand measures 65mm long, 132 mm long, and 56mm tall when holding the chillers.

The cup support plate has a diameter of 95mm. 

When placed on your cup, the ARO Core™ will sit 22mm higher than the top of the cup.

The stand is additively manufactured, please keep out of extreme heat. 

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