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ARO Espresso

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ARO Orbit™ | Spirographic Espresso Distribution Tool | Geared Spinning WDT Tool

ARO Orbit™ | Spirographic Espresso Distribution Tool | Geared Spinning WDT Tool

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Product Description

Watch the set-up and use video here.

Introducing the ARO Orbit™, a premium spirographic espresso distribution tool. We've optimized every aspect of this tool — from meticulously engineered gear ratios and pin placements to a mechanism that spins with the ease of a finger. Elevate your espresso with unmatched consistency in every pull. Perfectly fluffed and distributed baskets of espresso are just a few spins away.

Here's a quick geometry lesson: Hypotrochoids and epitrochoids are curves defined by tracing a point attached to a circle that's rolling along the inside or outside of a fixed circle, respectively. Spirographs use this concept to create dazzling geometric patterns. The ARO Orbit™ utilizes this mechanical motion to efficiently distribute and fluff the grounds, ensuring consistency no matter how early in the morning it is.

Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic Sleeve

Choose between a magnetic sleeve for a secure, one-handed operation or the standard non-magnetic sleeve with precise, tabbed cutouts.

  • Magnetic Sleeve: This premium sleeve is equipped with three powerful neodymium magnets, ensuring a firm grip on most* portafilter baskets. It auto-aligns itself and allows for effortless one-handed use, making it the recommended option for magnetic portafilter baskets. 
  • Non-Magnetic Sleeve: Features tabbed cutouts designed to fit around the ears of your portafilter to retain the tool and ensure it remains aligned and secure while spinning. This option generally requires two-handed use — one hand to help secure the Orbit, and the other to rotate the tool. 

*Please ensure your portafilter basket attracts magnets before purchasing.

Key Features

  • Novel and Innovative Gear Design: Features three separate gears working in harmony for optimal mixing, distribution, and fluffing in as little as four spins.
    • The Sweeper: This extended-armed gear whips the pins at high velocities slicing through any clumps in its path.
    • The Scrambler: This short-armed gear bounces the pins back and forth across the basket to scramble and mix the grounds, ensuring even distribution and a level bed.
    • The Edge Dancer: This small gear pushes and pulls grounds near the edge for complete basket coverage.
  • Precision Pins: Utilizes 10x, 0.25mm diameter pins to trace dozens of hypotrochoids and epitrochoids, distributing and fluffing espresso grounds in your portafilter basket.
  • Efficient Distribution: Spirographic mechanical motion ensures consistency and fluffs grounds in seconds, providing a uniform and level espresso bed.
  • Adjustable Needle Length: Features the ability to adjust the needle length for a custom fit with virtually any portafilter basket depth.
  • Unique Finishes: Available in four distinct finishes (textured, carbon fiber, geometric, galaxy) to personalize and enhance your espresso station.

Set-Up and Use

  1. Install 10 pins by inserting them into the holes in the gears. If a pin hole is hard to reach, try rotating the tool a bit so that the gears move into a new position. You can also remove the adjustment sleeve to get better access to the pin holes. The deeper you insert the pins, the tighter they will grab. Be careful here and take your time. Our pins come with a dulled tip, but they are still pokey!
  2. With your portafilter basket empty, place the tool inside of the basket to determine if you need to adjust the pin height on the tool. Holding the tool under a bright light will help significantly. If an adjustment is needed, hold the jam nut and rotate the adjustment sleeve until you reach your desired height. Then tighten the jam nut against the adjustment sleeve to lock its position.
  3. Fill your portafilter with espresso grounds and place the tool on top. You will notice a white circle around one of the pin holes. The tool can be rotated until the white circle is closest to the edge of the tool. In this configuration, the pins are furthest away from the edges and the tool is easier to place on your portafilter without a pin getting caught outside the basket.
  4. Spin the tool 4-8 times, no need to overdo it. After the final spin, hold the tool on top of the portafilter and give the portafilter a few light taps on the counter to settle the grounds. Give the tool one more final slow spin and gently remove it from the portafilter basket
  5. Place the tool in its stand, tamp your grounds, and go brew some espresso.

What's in the Box?

  • ARO Orbit™ gear mechanism with adjustable pin height sleeve
  • Self-aligning stand with weighted base
  • 20x pins (0.25mm diameter), including two pin storage tubes


  • 58mm, Magnetic Sleeve: Fits all 58mm portafilters and baskets. Ideal for baskets that attract magnets.
  • 58mm, Non-Magnetic: Fits all 58mm portafilters with 2 ears. If you have a 58mm portafilter with 3 ears, you MUST choose the magnetic sleeve option.
  • 54mm, Magnetic Sleeve: Fits all Breville stock and aftermarket 54mm portafilters and baskets. Ideal for baskets that attract magnets.
  • 54mm, Non-Magnetic: Fits all Breville stock and aftermarket 54mm portafilters with three ears.
  • 53mm, Magnetic Sleeve: Fits 53mm La Spaziale (post-2000) portafilters, and the 9Barista espresso machine basket. Ideal for baskets that attract magnets.
  • 53mm, Non-Magnetic: Fits 53mm La Spaziale (post-2000) portafilters and baskets.

We also have a special version for the Cafelat Robot. Please message us to order.

If you have a different type or size of portafilter, please contact us. We plan to offer additional options to increase compatibility in the future, so please let us know what you're using.

Care and Maintenance

For daily maintenance, simply brush off any loose grounds and/or wipe clean with a cloth. When it's time for a more thorough cleaning, remove the pins, sleeve, and lock nut from the gear mechanism. Wipe down the gear mechanism with a damp cloth while avoiding getting water inside the rotating parts. The pins, sleeve, lock nut, and stand may be hand washed with lukewarm water and soap. Be sure to rinse well, and dry immediately. The ARO Orbit is not dishwasher safe.

Do not expose to high heat. Do not leave it on top of your espresso machine and keep it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Other Useful Info

The outside diameter of the base of the 58mm version is 77mm. For the 54mm and 53mm versions, it is 71mm.

The galaxy surface finish utilizes microscopic variations in the surface texture to create a holographic effect. Depending on the angle that light hits the surface, you will see a dazzling rainbow of colors. This effect may fade if the tool becomes oily or dirty. If this occurs, wipe the top surface of the tool with a damp cloth and soapy solution to restore the holographic effect. Do not submerge the tool!

This item is additively manufactured – hand wash only with lukewarm water and soap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Tom Poland

Very easy to set up very easy to use and very effective, exactly the right number of needles and exactly the right thickness, perfect in every way.


3d printed, feels fragile and lacking weight. Because of this, despite the magnetic base, it sometimes slips off of the portafilter. Does not come with needles installed but does come with an extra set. Overall it works as advertised.


Very difficult to use without damaging the needles. Actually works quite well if you get everything lined up properly, but what a pain!

Thanks so much for your feedback! If you look at the bottom of the tool, you will notice a white circle around one of the pin holes. The tool can be rotated until the white circle is closest to the edge of the tool. In this configuration, the pins are furthest away from the edges and the tool is easier to place on your portafilter without a pin getting caught outside the basket. Also, if you bend a pin you can usually bend it back so it's straight again. But you can also replace it with one of the 10x spares we include in every order!

Miroslav Novák
Nemá chybu

Kvalita a funkčnost jsou super.

Very cool, works perfectly

Depth adjustment is a great feature, produces an excellent fluffy and uniform bed of coffee to tamp. Overall great product that I am very happy with.

I do wish that there were an option for a metal locking ring on the height adjustment. This iis largely, if not entirely a 3D printed assembly- some aspects of it feel a bit more delicate than I’d prefer.

Only additional want- wish there were a knob on the spin ring that moves the assembly gears- you end up doing many small partial turns- having a small knob or post on this ring to help created full rotations would be nice.